Company Profile

We are an established manufacturer / fabricator of pressure vessels and large diameter pipes from steel. We design, build and supply:

  • Custom project pressure vessels according to CE/PED (2014/68/EC), design codes AD Merkblätter 2000, EN 13445
  • Welded pipes from steel (online price calculator here)
  • Heat Exchangers Sludge-Water for waste water treatment
  • Large storage tanks, containers, cisterns, silos, forms and similar
  • Other welded items from steel

We are here for more than half a century, as history of the company can be traced to the post-WW2 era. After the fall of communism in the region our business has been renewed, under new name, in 1994. 



We are ISO 9001 certified, the certification authority for all our products is TÜV SÜD.

We focus on quality, performance, and reliability. Long term.