Pressure Vessels

Contact us whenever you need to fabricate pressure-vessels (or atmospheric vessels) for your business projects (storage tanks, surge drums, process vessels, refrigeration circuit vessels for NH3 - ammonia, industrial cooling economizers, liquid receivers, CO2 pressure vessels, anywhere you wish to use water or steam under pressure, propylenglykol tanks, other industrial liquids etc).

We are an experienced manufacturer of pressure vessels from steel, designed for industrial use, according to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EC). POMAR engineers design the vessels (strength calculation, shape proposal etc) and make full manufacturing documentation.

Sizing range of the vessels - usually anything between 0.3 - 50 m3.

We design, produce and supply / ship the vessels according to the following design codes / norms:

  • EN 13445, PED
  • AD Merkblätter - AD 2000, PED

POMAR production is supervised by TÜV SÜD - a well known and respected notified body.