Screw Heat Exchangers Water-Sludge (PVK)

POMAR is a producer of reliable screw heat exchangers for waste water industry use, helping to minimize the impact of human on the environment. Our spiral exchangers are known under a type code "PVK", their primary use is to heat sludge in large sewage water cleaning stations. These well made products are serving successfully long years (typically 8 to 12 years, of course depending on the kind of sludge being treated).

Product sizing based on heat exchange surface (in m2)

  • PVK 6
  • PVK 12
  • PVK 18

Material grades:

  • Carbon steel
  • Combined (carbon steel + stainless steel)
  • Completely made of stainless steel (does not automatically mean it will last longer than carbon steel - stainless steel is less resistant to the often quite abrasive flow conditions - small waste particles circulating within the sewage plant water)

Available design:

  • Non-replaceable heating screw surface
  • Re-placeable heating screw surface

Please contact us should you need more info on the PVK product line.